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Money Money Money was created by Susan Lepidi & Kylie Platt out of frustration by the lack of jargon free information available on the web regarding financial services. Often there were endless pages of irrelevant material or short videos that lacked any detailed substance. Realising that sometimes our greatest knowledge comes from just having a chat and a coffee with our friends lead us to create Money Money Money our financial video information channel.
Here we invite our friends, who are experts in their field, to chat with us while sharing their vast knowledge and experience whilst attempting to leave out all the Jargon.

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Money Money Money Video Series


Financial Education Courses – What to look for in a financial education course


What is a Financial Planner?

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Lenders Mortgage Insurance – What is LMI?


Personal Insurance and why should you have it?


Settlement Agent – Why should I use a Settlement Agent?

Superannuation – An introduction to Superannuation

Property Investment Options – Which one suits you?

Guarantors – What are home loan guarantors?

Gearing – What is gearing in investments?

Fixed Vs Variable – Which interest rate should I choose?

Credit Reports – What is a credit report?

Broker Mentoring – So you want to be a Mortgage Broker?

First Home Buyer’s – Common questions answered!

RBA – What is the role of the Reserve Bank?

Relationship Breakdown

Store Cards

Legal Problems Homeowners can face – Q&A

The Local Loan Company Video Series


Why Use a Mortgage Broker


First Home Buyers

The Loan Process

First Home Buyer

Getting Started

First Home Buyer

Fees & Charges

First Home Buyer

Available Grants

The 8 Steps of The Building Process

Property Investment


Sub Division


The Local Financial Planner Video Series


Why should you consider using a Financial Planner?